Winter Attraction in Grand Beach

Winter Attractions & Activities

Winter on Lake Winnipeg in Manitoba
Winter in Manitoba

The winter can be just as fun as summer time, you just need to dress warmer. Here are some of the activities people enjoy in the winter months.

Snowmobiling - The trails are great. Get that rig on the trailer and come enjoy the trail system out here.

Ice Fishing - Fishing on Lake Winnipeg in the winter is a great pass time. Several ice fishing shacks are spread out on the lake close to town.

Snow kiting - A new sport to the area that continues to grow every year. Kiteboarding on the lake is one of the areas less marketed activities. The lake is one giant snow covered kiteboarding paradise. You can kite to the middle of the lake and back with the sun in your eyes and your board carving up the lake.

Author: Fredrick Buetefuer