The Town of Pine Falls, Manitoba

Pine Falls is located about 130 km NE of Winnipeg on the Winnipeg River. Follow Highway 11 from Traverse Bay Corner to get there.
Pine Falls is located near the Sagkeeng First Nation east of Lake Winnipeg - along the Winnipeg River.
Known for its paper mill

The population of Pine Falls is currently estimated at about 1,400. The town's primary employer is a Pulp and Paper Mill, operated by Tembec, easily the most prominent land mark when you drive into the town.

Pine Falls and the surrounding communities are largely economically dependent on Tembec, Pine Falls Operation.  The paper mill is owned by Tembec Paper Group and produces newsprint for markets in Canada and the Midwest U.S.  It employs over 400 people at its operation and an additional 600+ through contract primarily in the areas of forest renewal, harvesting and transportation.

Pine Falls, known for its paper mill

The ex Tembec paper mill Manitoba
The Tembec Paper Mill

A beautiful town nestled in the great Boreal Forest of Canada. Located close to the mouth of the Winnipeg River as it enters the overwhelmingly large Lake Winnipeg, Pine Falls is renown world-wide for it's Walleye fishing.

Pine Falls, Manitoba is located 132 km NE of Winnipeg, it has a constantly dwindling population currently estimated at 1,400, due to migration.

The annual 4P Festival on Labour Day Weekend celebrates Paper, Pea, Power, and Pickerel!

Pine Falls also has the only hospital in the area!

Author: Fredrick Buetefuer