Patricia Beach Manitoba Canada

Patricia Beach Manitoba Canada

Pristine, secluded, stunningly beautiful- the beaches of Patricia and Beaconia, at the south end of Lake Winnipeg, have been left in a near-natural and unspoiled state. For families seeking nothing more than sun and sand, windsurfers seeking elbow room, and nature lovers seeking a tranquil refuge, the beaches offer a peaceful alternative to the Grand Beach bustle.

Patricia Beach at Lake Winnipeg

The Beach is situated on a sandy peninsula that extends into Lake Winnipeg, while Beaconia lines a sandy island, joined to the mainland by a causeway. Sitting side by side, the beaches are separated by a channel which joins a marshy lagoon to the Lake.

It is actually a Provincial Park. As part of so called 'low maintainance' Park - Provincial Park only offers washrooms and change rooms, and a food concession.

The Beach is still in a near-natural condition, and this is considered a bonus by regular visitors and newcomers alike. It's an excellent family recreational beach, and a favorite spot for windsurfing and picnicing. There are picnic tables, fire pits, and drinking water taps distributed throughout the area.

Many people come out just to watch the spectacular sunsets.

A large part of this property along the beach was sold to the Provincial Government in 1959. The Government of Manitoba used the property to create the Provincial Park

Author: Fredrick Buetefuer