A few good kite boarding (kitesurfing) locations:

A few good kite boarding (kitesurfing) locations:

Though the local Kiting Scene seems to be meeting at the Sandbar Motor Inn where Tyler maintains a live weather station, there are various good launch areas along the Eastern Shore.

The following kiteboarding launches were recommended by kiters that should know:

Kiteboarding Launches in the Eastern Beaches Area
  • SSSS- Super Secret Sand Spit
    It is located 500 meters to the left off the Grand Marais Sand Spit. Here you can have flat water free riding on one side to nice solid rowing waves on the other. There is a nice spot out of the wind, where the wives enjoy.
    Winds to ride here are sw, w, wnw, se

  • WaterTower,
    Located on the grassy field under the Grand Beach water tower. You must be an expert to launch here, as you have to walk with your kite down a hill over rocks and into the water. Waves are huge here, most guys will ride around from the front beach.
    Winds nw, w

  • SBL- Sand Bar Lagoon
    This area is great once the ice comes off and there is still ice on the main lake, the launch is right at Tyler's house so the beers are close by - great spot, grassy area to set up the kites, and easy launching from this area.
    Winds s, sw, w

  • Patricia Beach Provincial Park I
    Tight launch with protruding roots on the Beach. Good parking
    Best for wnw to nne winds

  • Patricia Beach Provincial Park II (Cindy's)
    More room than east launch
    Best for nw to ne winds

  • Sunset Beach
    Parking around corner from the No Parking signs.
    Tight Launch. Lots of large rocks in the water along shore.
    Access to the Sunset Bowl offshore at Stevens Island.
    Best for ssw to wnw winds.

  • There are other places, but the Kiters aren't telling. They want to keep them secret.

Author: Fredrick Buetefuer