Hillside Beach, Manitoba

Hillside Beach

Big sandy beach and dunes, a Dream
Big sandy beach and dunes
Hillside Beach Manitoba Cottage country
Quiet cottage area

Hillside Beach is my personal favorite. Its long sandy beach is usually quite empty. The lagoon is great for fishing, boating or water skiing.

The Store usually has the best gas prices in the area.

Only 15 mins away from Grand Beach Provincial Park. Close to all the beaches in cottage country.

It is a nice and quiet area situated on the south east end of Lake Winnipeg, just below the estuary of the Winnipeg River.

It also has a high standard with all the Cottages. The Beach is really nice, clean and fabulous. It's becoming more and more popular.

And the good thing: No restricted area, as in Victoria Beach, where every day someone has trouble, because he can't drive in to Victoria Beach.

Road Map of Hillside Beach

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Lagoon Road, path to the Beach
Lagoon Road
Cottage Country atmosphere
Park Road
Hillside Beach, wide sandy beaches, invites you for a walk
The Beach
The Store
General Store

Author: Fredrick Buetefuer