Fort Alexander, Sagkeeng, Manitoba Canada

Fort Alexander, Manitoba Canada, with health center and a pharmacy

Sagkeeng / Fort Alexander
Sagkeeng / Fort Alexander

Fort Alexander is a community in Manitoba, Canada, located on the Sagkeeng First Nation, on the south bank of the Winnipeg River. The Sagkeeng area, or the mouth of the Winnipeg River, was originally settled with native camps used for fishing, hunting, and trade.

Fort Alexander is also the name of the rural minicipality (RM of Alexander) that encompasses a large part of the Eastern Beaches area, including parts of Albert Beach, Hillside Beach, Traverse Bay, Belair and Lester Beach and the towns of Stead, Bird River, Pine Falls, Powerview, St. George and Great Falls.

Power generation plants

Three of the six generating plants on the Winnipeg River lie within the RM of Alexander, making it the hydro power center of Manitoba.  Other industries of the  R.M. of Alexander are forestry (Tembec Paper Mill), agriculture, and tourism. There is also mining to the north in the Bird River area at Bernic Lake.  The town of Stead is considered to be the sod capital of Canada and delivers as far south as Texas. Wild rice farming is popular in the R.M., in addition to Manitoba’s traditional agricultural production.

The Health Center

The Sagkeeng Health center contains a dentist's office a pharmacy and a physician's office (general practitioner) available for the general public.

Author: Fredrick Buetefuer