Balsam  Bay, Manitoba Canada

Balsam Bay, Manitoba Canada

Balsam  Bay, Manitoba Canada

The community of Balsam Bay lies slightly south of Grand Beach. The recorded history of the community reaches back to 1884, when a local cemetery became the official free burial grounds to anyone living in the communities of Stony Point, Beaconia, and Balsam Bay. Local residents Magnus Craigie and Eugene Durby generously donated the land.

The community post office opened for business on 1 November 1887, and the Balsam Bay Church emerged around 1920 ~ its name became St. Luke’s. Balsam Bay is currently home to eight cottage subdivisions and is growing rapidly.

Balsam Bay
Balsam Bay

Balsam Bay School District (no. 859) formed in 1895, with the first schoolhouse placed on the lakeshore near Balsam Bay cemetery. The community lost the first two schoolhouses to fire; a third building was built and used from 1940 to 1960. After that time, children were bussed to Walter Whyte Collegiate. Other school districts within the area included Grand Marais, Beaconia, Gull Lake, Stony Point, and Victoria Beach.

Author: Fredrick Buetefuer