Snowkiting Snow Kiting

Snowkiting Snow Kiting

Snow kiting - A new sport to the area that continues to grow every year. Kiteboarding on the lake is one of the areas less marketed activities.
but more and more people are going every winter to the lake to join other Kitesurfer.

Snowkiting is an outdoor winter boardsport, combining the airfoil and techniques used in kitesurfing, with the footgear and gliding surface used in snowboarding. Either a snowboard or skis can be used.

Snow kiting uses a traction kite to pull you along the snow on either skis or a snowboard in the same way that you can use one for kite buggying or kite boarding etc..

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Snow kiting differs from other alpine sports, in that it is possible for the snowkiter to travel uphill when the wind is blowing in the right direction. Like kitesurfing, snow kiting can be very hazardous, and should be practiced with care.

Snow Kiting is becoming increasingly popular in canada, often associated with skiing and snowboarding, at the Lake with snowmobiling.

Snowkiting is "winter's newest extreme sport", requiring only the wind, a snowkite, skies or snowboard, and an attitude for fun. The sport has endless possibilities, such as backcountry skiing without a ski lift or resort - your snowkite will pull you uphill and downhill at varying speeds. Snowkites can accelerate up to 50 MPH. The lifting power of the wind will allow you to jump to distances of up to 100 feet.

Where to stay, places to stay (Hotels, Motels, Cottages)

There are several options when it comes to accommodations in the area.
The best way is, to rent a cottage, you also can stay in Hotels or Motels.
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Author: Fredrick Buetefuer