Facelifting, Facelift Face Lift

Facelifting, Facelift Face Lift

When the visible aging process is in contrast to the juvenile self esteem, the desire to influence these changes grows. Most patients though aks for a natural "unoperated" look.
More important than removing the wrinkles is regaining a juvenile appearance. This is achieved by raising the sunken facial and neck areas in several layers. This will make the cheeks look fuller. The corners of the mouth are slightly lifted and the jaw and neck regain a juvenile shape.
To avoid visible scars the skin is not overly stretched, the natural hairline remains and incisions are preferably placed in areas where they can be easiely hidden.
A facelifting is supposed to restore the youthful appearance of a face and is not intended to create some exotic beauty.

Preparing for Face Lifting

It is important to plan the date of the sugery and the post operative care well. As with any operation it has to be ensured that the risks are not increased by other medical conditions.
This is why blood tests and an electro cardiogram have to be performed. Certain medications may cause a delay in blood clotting. Aspirin for instance is one of them as well as Vitamin E. 
However there are some medications which have a similar effect. This is why it is important to inform the doctor in advance which medications you use on a regular basis. He will then give you the necessary instructions.

Under all circumstances, please avoid the consumption of nicotine or alcohol on the evening before the operation. On the day of the operation you have to have an empty stomach. You may take your regular medications after consultation with the anesthesist.

Author: Fredrick Buetefuer