Vacation Resort Manitoba lake Winnipeg, Rent a cottage for Holiday

With its shallow waters and rapid replenishment rate, Lake Winnipeg is one of the most fertile fishing lakes in the world - and to the delight of anglers, it's chock full of walleye, North America's most sought-after sport fish. In southern Lake Winnipeg, and the Red and Winnipeg Rivers, fishing for "greenbacks, " the uniquely emerald-coloured walleye of the region, attracts anglers from around the world.

Flexibility of approach is just as important for walleye ice fishers as it is for warm weather anglers. Use a variety of tackle and try several presentations, fish near islands, inlets, outlets and other structures, and try drilling a series of holes rather than limiting your self to 1 location. And if you're really stumped about where to start, just look for other fishing shacks!

Rent a Summer Cottage:

Luxurious cottage for rent in Hillside Beach, Manitoba Canada
cottage for rent

Lake Front Cottage for rent in Hillside Beach

Luxurious cottage for rent in Hillside Beach. Click here: cottage rental website for more information.

This two bedroom cottage will sleep up to 6 and has a beautiful view accross the lake.
It is well kept and comes fully furnished.

Close to beach, lagoon, marina, golf courses.

Author: Fredrick Buetefuer